MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - Police have found the parents of a little girl who nearly drowned in a Montgomery County creek on Thursday.

The child's mother was at work when her 4-year-old daughter wandered away from their home without her stepfather realizing it at the time and fell into Peach Creek.

Roman Forest Police say two 12-year-old boys pulled the girl out of the creek and saved her from drowning.

"I'm just glad she's okay and so many people called to let me know." said the child's mother, Melissa Maddox.

The police department put out an alert on their Facebook page asking the public to help identify the child.

Maddox said she rushed from work when friends started calling and texting her about her daughter.

"I thank you guys and I thank the families of the little boys that found her and was able to make sure she didn't get hurt." said Maddox.

She said her daughter has wandered away before and also that their home has a big yard that backs up into the creek where she fell.

The Roman Forest Police called the boys who saved the child "true heroes" in a Facebook post.

"She fell in the creek and one of the boys thought she was drowning, crossed the creek, and pulled the baby on this side of the creek." said Police Chief Stephen Carlisle.

Roman Forest police say these two 12-year-old boys pulled a little girl out of  Peach Creek and saved her from drowning. (Roman Forest police)

The child is okay but at the time couldn't give police much information other than her name. We're told she is autistic and her name is Melody.