HOUSTON - Drunk driving isn't the only dangerous behavior law enforcement is cracking down on this Fourth of July - they're also warning people not to watch fireworks from the freeway or from the side of the road.

Police say the problem is widespread in the Houston area, from urban overpasses to rural roads.

Many Houstonians expressed differing opinions on the subject.

“Of course there’s gonna be people that don’t stop and they might be distracted from the fireworks, and it sounds like just a recipe for disaster," said Marc Sprouse.

While Chris Neal said, "You know it’s Fourth of July, make an exception. Let people enjoy it. You have a great display, why not take advantage of it.”

TxDOT will be programing 40 electronic billboards along highways to warn people not to park and watch fireworks, or they will risk getting towed. They will also be posting the message on social media, urging drivers to pull over to a safe place like a parking lot.

TxDOT says they've reached out to law enforcement, who can cite drivers for several things like impeding traffic flow.