It may take a tax hike to make playgrounds completely safe in Clear Creek ISD.

Some playgrounds are already partially closed pending repairs.

“Our kids need good schools, nice playgrounds and safe playgrounds,” said parent Yvonne Acosta.

“The teachers make the best of it, they make the best of what they have,” said parent Rebecca MacKay.

Plywood boards keep kids off of certain areas on a play structure outside Ward Elementary.

“Our superintendent meets with parents twice a month and this issue of playgrounds has been reoccurring and reoccurring to the point where we couldn’t ignore it,” said CCISD spokesperdon Elaina Polsen.

But the district says it’s not as bad as some think.

“Please rest assured that our kids are not sitting idle outside,” Polsen said.

Right now, the district has immediate plans to spend $200,000 to replace two playground structures.

And it will eventually shift the burden of playground funding from individual PTAs to the district.

That’s something that may require higher taxes.

“We would have to go out and seek approval from the voters in order to do that,” Polsen said.

“But I think we already pay enough in everything for taxes, so I don’t think so,” Acosta said.

The PTA at Ward has already raised $30,000 for repairs.

The district says that money can be used elsewhere once it takes over playground funding.