HOUSTON - Hundreds of hopefuls tried out to become Houston Texans cheerleaders on Saturday.

The team held auditions inside the Houston Methodist Training Center. More than 600 women, and a handful of men, vied for 35 spots on the squad. They danced, jumped and flipped, all while keeping a smile.

"They look for confidence. They want to see you having a good time," said Lauren, who earned a spot on last season's team. "They promote it as the biggest party of the year." 



PHOTOS: 2017 Houston Texans Cheerleaders Tryouts


She's auditioning again, hoping to continue on next year's squad. "It's the greatest experience I've ever had in my life." she said.



Judges picked 50 finalists who will then go on to a "cheerleading boot camp." 

They'll compete for the next two weeks. Head coach Alto Gary will be watching them all very carefully.



"I look for personality," said Gary. "Do they look fun to be around? Do they look fun to talk to? I want them to be approachable." 

The Texans will pick next season's cheerleaders by April 11, 2017.