PEARLAND, Texas- A group of neighbors think their tap water is too dangerous to use, because it smells. They do not know the reason and the answers from city hall only make some worry more.

City managers insist the water is safe and has always been safe to drink. However, they plan to send Canterbury Park neighborhood water from a second source as soon as next week. Officials expect that will improve quality.

For now, tap water in that neighborhood stinks in some homes.

“The water smells like someone farts in your face every morning and every night,” said Kortney Rodriguez, a homeowner.

“It makes you gag when you turn it on,” Amanda Palmer, another homeowner said.

Cynthia Millhollen agrees. Though, she is more worried about what the smell means for the water in which her 2-month-old son bathes.

“(The smell) could mean all sorts of different things,” she said. “The city has said we are getting chlorine reads that is less than what they’re getting at their treatment plants.”

Millhollen’s family of five moved in two years ago. They quietly fought the smell until more than a kitchen full of neighbors made noise about the issue. At least 42 joined a Facebook group to share concerns and vent about the answers not coming from city hall where officials insist the water is safe.

“We have brand new houses and we have this nasty water sitting in them,” Palmer said. “What’s growing in our pipes that we can’t see?”

A Pearland city spokesperson explained in a statement that said in part:

“This subdivision is still under construction and does not have a high level of water usage. Limited usage can cause water quality issues. To date, the city has received three to four complaints a month from various locations in Canterbury Park, in locations adjacent to future build areas of the subdivision where water lines are to be connected to future sections.”

Meanwhile, city crews are inspecting water lines, cleaning, and testing for bacteria weekly. All test results consistently show safe, legal levels, a spokesperson said.

“Well then why haven’t they publicized the reports,” Gary Sproull, another homeowner said. “When we lived in Alvin, every year we got the results of our water tests on our water bill. Pearland doesn’t do that. Is there a reason for that? Are they trying to hide something? We don’t know.”

“Flushing is not enough,” Rodriguez said.

Neighbors stock up bottled water every week just in case, they said. All hope the smell goes away soon.