HOUSTON - Angry parents gathered at Looscan Elementary Monday morning after a first grade teacher was removed from the classroom over 'inappropriate conduct' allegations involving students.

The teacher allegedly touched students inappropriately and kissed them on the mouth.

The parents say that HISD has not responded to the claims and they're asking why no charges have been filed.

About a dozen parents met with the principal of Looscan on Monday.

HISD Police are investigating but so far, there have been few details released about the case. HISD released the following statement:

HISD was made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct involving an associate teacher at Looscan Elementary School. School administrators immediately notified HISD Police, and the teacher was removed from the classroom while police conduct a full investigation.

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Guadalupe Ortiz told KHOU she walked into the principal’s office and spoke with a school staff member.

‘We got to get you an appointment,’ said Ortiz. “I said no, she needs to be out here right now.” Ortiz was one of many parents that gathered Monday morning.

“They want to know why they didn’t lock this man up,” said Theresa Bustos, a first grade parent.

The man is an associate teacher removed from class last week, after the allegations surfaced. Ortiz’s daughter came home and allegedly told her mom what she saw in class.

“The teacher started kissing the girls on the mouth and sitting them on his lap,” said Ortiz.

Eduardo Delafuente says his daughter was one of them. “He give a kiss to you?” said De La Fuente, as he recounted his conversation with his daughter.

‘Sometimes,’ said De La Fuente. “Where? First she tell me right here and later she tell me too on the mouth.”

He was not part of the meeting, but Veronica Lopez was. She said her child came home with a similar story. She wants answers from the school.

“Nothing is happening. They aren’t doing anything. They’re just writing down notes and saying the same thing - 'This is going to be taken care of, this is going to be taken care of'.”

To be clear, the teacher has not been charged with anything. HISD said it’s investigating, but would not provide any other details about the teacher.

Parents said they worry their kids are not safe. “Why? Why? That’s my question. It’s crazy,” said De La Fuente.