A Christmas Eve robbery left one Katz Boutique clerk paralyzed.

That happened last year, but today, police are still looking for the men who shot her.

Meanwhile Paxton Webb is taking things in her own hands, suing the people she feels are also responsible for what happened.

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It was a Christmas Eve nightmare that's turned into a night Webb will never forget.

“When I woke up Christmas morning, that's kind of when it hit me, and I was kind of in a real bad place all day Christmas," Webb said.

It's understandable why. In surveillance video, you can see the two men storm in the store with masks on and guns drawn. Webb was inside the cashier's booth.

As she goes secure the door, it's already opening.

“They knew the code to the door," Webb said.

They get in, and she gives them everything they want, but even after that, one leaves, but the other stops. Webb is turned away, and still, he shoots her in the back.

“I begged my boss multiple times to quit putting me on that shift," Webb said.

It's that reason and many others that Webb is suing her former employer.

“I'd be afraid to even go to the bathroom overnight," Webb said.

“Virtually nothing was done to protect this young woman. You had her working the graveyard shift, by herself, in a high-crime area, in a business that deals primarily in cash," said Rick Laminack, Webb's attorney.

Laminack called it a recipe for disaster.

Webb says this lawsuit is not just for herself, but her little girl as well.

“I can try to provide the best life for Hunter on my own, but I want to make sure that her future is secure," Webb said.

A baby she didn't even knew she had until that unforgettable night at the hospital.

“It's crazy, but I love it. I honestly can't see how I lived without her ever," Webb said.

Police are still actively investigating. If you have any information, you're asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (713)-222-TIPS (8477).

We have reached out to Katz Boutique and its owner for a comment on the lawsuit but have not yet heard back.