HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Outside prosecutors have been brought in for the trial of Shannon Miles, the accused killer of Deputy Darren Goforth.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon appeared in Harris County criminal court for the first time Tuesday as a special prosecutor in Miles' case. Galveston County DA Jack Roady is also assisting with the prosecution.

“Jack Roady was a former prosecutor in Harris County, as I was. As everyone on this team is going to be,” said Ligon.

Ligon also said he has also asked the Texas Attorney General’s Office for help prosecuting the high profile case.

During a hearing Tuesday, Miles’ next court date was set for September 6.

The judge agreed to set the date for several months from now to accommodate the new prosecution team and the issues defense attorneys say they’re dealing with.

Defense lawyer Anthony Osso says Miles has no recollection of the events of the shooting due to his psychotic episode, so they cannot complete a sanity evaluation. 

Osso is also considering filing a motion to change venues out of Harris County. He says he's concerned the jury pool is tainted by misinformation in the media that Goforth was pumping gas in his unit at the time of the shooting. Instead, he says Goforth was there meeting an alleged mistress.

“What the officer was doing at the time goes to the crux of our case,” said Osso. “Filling up a patrol unit to go about your business as a police officer would be, in our opinion, different than being at a location for personal reasons or a personal meeting. We think that’s significant.”

Miles is accused of gunning down Goforth outside a Cypress gas station in 2015.

The cold-blooded murder outraged the community. Eleven-thousand people attended his funeral. 

Shannon Miles was arrested just hours after the shooting.

At first, Miles was found incompetent due to his psychiatric state. After spending time in a state mental facility, the state decided he was competent to stand trial in March. He pleaded not guilty.