HOUSTON – As the Confederate statue battles continue to brew across the nation, this weekend, two protests are planned in Houston, but not on the same side.

One group wants the Spirit of the Confederacy statue in Sam Houston Park removed, while the other says it should stay.

Houston Black Lives Matters and other groups are planning a protest right in downtown for this Saturday afternoon. Their goal to remove that controversial statue.

They're calling it “Destroy the Confederacy.”

The Spirit of the Confederacy come under criticism before, and it's the target of a petition that's gotten more than 2,000 signatures asking the city to remove the statue.

However, the people asking for the statue's removal won't be the only ones here on Saturday.

According to the Facebook page for a group that calls itself This is the Texas Freedom Force is putting out a call for counter-protesters to show up and oppose that statue's removal.

Now, if that second group's name sounds familiar, they're the same group that showed up for a large rally in San Antonio last weekend opposing the removal of Confederate statues there.

This is also the same group that organized a rally at the Sam Houston Statue in Hermann Park earlier this year after online rumors circulated that groups wanted that statue torn down.

KHOU 11 News reached out to both groups overnight asking them what’s next and what else they have in plan during this rally.

We’re still waiting to hear back.