THE WOODLANDS, Texas - Officials have a new warning for teens jumping off bridges in Lake Woodlands.

Deputies say teens have been recording themselves jumping off bridges, then posting them to social media. It’s happened at least five times since January.

The sign posted on the bridge is loud and clear. It says, “No diving. No swimming.” If that’s not enough of a warning, there’s even a gate that’s locked.

“There was about 10 of them out there doing it," neighbor Nancy Miles said.

But no gate or sign has been able to keep teens from taking a dive off several bridges in Lake Woodlands.

“When the bridge first got built, the kids were jumping off of it," Gary Miles said.

Miles says he’s found even beach towels and sandals left behind at the crossings.

“They might’ve gotten caught or ran off or something," Miles said.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says since January, they’ve caught a few teens in the act.

“While that may sound like a lot of fun, it is extremely dangerous," Capt. Bryan Carlisle said.

Carlisle says no injuries have been reported -- yet.

“This is truly dangerous behavior. You don’t know how deep the water is, you don’t know what’s down there. Those are construction areas so you don’t know what sort of debris," Carlisle said.

Videos on social media show bold falls from other bridges around Lake Woodlands. Carlisle says fame may also be name of this most recent game.

“When you have other people out there filming because that tends to ramp up the well watch me do this now or I can do this flip," Carlisle said.

Neighbors say it’s an obvious problem.

“I could see that it would be very dangerous, because you never know what’s in that water down below," Miles said.

“Don’t be stupid, don’t jump off the bridge. You’re not going to be any cooler with your friends. It’s not going to give you anything besides that. It’s stupid," Eddie Woodward said.

Captain Carlisle says there are better ways to pass your time.

“Go play XBOX or go to your swimming pool and jump off a diving board. This is just not what you should be doing," Carlisle said.

Carlisle says it’s not illegal to be on the bridge, and it’s not illegal to jump off of it. The only time legality plays a factor is when these gates are locked and the teens are trespassing.