There's new insight Tuesday into Bill Kenny, the man police say killed a deputy constable.

It's coming from another man on the suspected gunman's list.

The list details a long string of complaints against law enforcement.

Kenny reached out dozens of times to Deputy Assistant Chief Clint Greenwood, who was then a major for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, claiming he'd been falsely accused of threatening a family member.

Kenny wrote, "This unaccountable weasel won't face me and hides behind subordinates."

KHOU 11 News also spoke with with Lofton Harrison, an assistant chief now for the Precinct 1 Constable's Office, who, like Greenwood, was on Kenny's list.

Harrison used to work for the Harris County Sheriff's Office in narcotics and internal affairs and dealt with Kenny before but never thought Kenny would go to the level he did.

Harrison didn't know about the list until Sunday night.

Fellow law enforcement officers told him to stay home Monday while they continued searching for Kenny, unsure of what Kenny was capable.

"Having dealt with informants, it’s possible you’ll be on a list to be hit. That’s why police officers like to keep their names quiet," Harrison said.

Harrison says he spoke to Kenny years ago. He told KHOU 11 News Kenny thought he was being wrong, and investigators weren't doing their jobs to address his concerns.

“You never tell these people no," Harrison said. You never just put them off without talking to them."

Harrison stressed the sheriff's office cared about Kenny's complaint and took it into consideration but says Kenny was never going to come to an agreement.

He says they reviewed Kenny's case several times but "there was no credible evidence that would change the outcome of the investigation."