HOUSTON - The Houston Ballet's Nutcracker Market is back at NRG, but it's off to a bumpy start for one vendor. She says some of her merchandise was stolen.

Kailey McCollum runs Kissue, a small boutique, with her sister. They'd always dreamed for years of being able to sell at the Nutcracker Market, but that dream turned into a nightmare earlier this week.

After setting up their display Monday night, they left NRG only to return Tuesday morning and find 26 of their items gone. McCollum tells KHOU 11 News she was upset, and approached the Nutcracker Market for help with security at her booth. She says she was told she'd have to pay those guards hourly.

Instead she secured her items as best she could as advised by security. When she returned Wednesday morning, it had happened again. All in all, Kissue took a $5,000 hit.

"We come in to take the sheets down and we have 18 items have been stolen from us, 26 the first night, 18 the second night," said McCollum. "We had no one to help us, so what did we do last night, the three of us had to lug every one of our pieces of merchandise to our car and this morning at 6 a.m. we had to come back. The only vendor here who has to do that because our business was targeted."

The Nutcracker Market released the following statement:

We're deeply saddened this happened to one of our merchants. The Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market Security is in place both during the day and overnight. Incidents like this are rare, and it's troubling that someone would steal from merchants who are doing so much to support the Houston community.