West Houston neighborhoods are still underwater.

"Very much a concern, these houses are wide open," said Rick Turrentine.

The floodwaters are slowly receding back to the bayou they came from, but concerns over looters are going up.

"People have suffered, our neighborhood's been devastated," said Turrentine.

So folks here along Memorial near Eldridge are taking action to protect one another. For the next few weeks, these will be gated, guarded communities.

"We're just neighbors," said Daniel Fischer. "But if they're not residents, I'm not letting them in."

Homeowners are keeping crooks out.

"We managed to discourage them from entering," said Robert Wiley.

And it's been working. They've developed their own system to keep possible trouble out. And in Nottingham Forest they've gone one step further. They've hired private security at the main entrance and federal agents stand guard deeper inside the neighborhood too.

"This is not for sightseeing, not a tourist attraction," said Turrentine.

It's piece of mind for families already dealing with so much. Families who will do whatever it takes to keep from being victimized again.

"This is Texas people are armed so be careful," said Fischer.