The experience neighbors in the Glenshire neighborhood lived through Tuesday is one they'll never forget.

“There was an officer standing there on the sidewalk facing my front door with a gun cocked. It was pretty scary,” said neighbor Marcia Ellett.

Houston police officers Jose Munoz and Ronny Cortez were shot by burglary suspects Tuesday afternoon. Munoz suffered a leg injury, and Cortez remains in critical condition.

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Ellett hunkered down, and armed officers rifled through her home and up through the attic. She couldn't help but think about the wounded officer who lived on her street and protected the community for decades.

“Ronny (Cortez) is a friend. Sherry is a friend. I’ve known (the kids) since they were little,” Ellett said. “I used to walk all the time. (Cortez) would come home at 6:30, 7:00 in the morning off his shift. One time, there was a situation, and I said, ‘Hey, Ronny.’ He checked it out.”

But what has seemed like a recent uptick in burglaries here has required a little more than just the watchful eye of fellow neighbor Cortez.

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HPD assigning a burglary task force to this community as part of a recent initiative to curb the number of burglaries across the city. The numbers have decreased in recent years, and so has the percentage of cases solved.

Back in 2012, there were more than 26,600 burglaries reported to Houston Police. Eight percent of those cases were solved.

Flash forward to 2015: there were more than 19,800 burglaries with six percent of cases solved.

We are still waiting to hear how many of 18,499 burglaries that happened in 2016 were solved.

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“If they’re going to break into someone’s house, you never know what they’re up to,” said neighbor Kenneth Williams.

Williams is a retired Baytown and Hempstead Police Officer, and as a CHL holder, he carries his gun at all times but warns that even with a gun, neighbors should always turn to police to deal with confronting burglars.

“It says a lot about the person or persons that broke into the house and shot at the officers, what they were up against when they come into a situation like this. They never know what’s going to happen,” Williams said.