Thousands of people just wrapped up another exhaustive day cleaning up their homes. And tomorrow, so many people will wake up in limbo. They don't have flood insurance and they're waiting to see if FEMA will step in and help them rebuild.

In the meantime, Houstonians refuse to let their neighbors fall through the cracks. Folks are posting on Facebook, asking for help gutting their homes. The posts are then shared in online community groups and on other pages, and help spontaneously appears. Many other people are registering for help with manual labor through local churches like Second Baptist. Their website allows people to sign up for help with their homes.

Parvin Ravari is one of the latest recipients of the free assistance.

"We walked in here and she didn’t know where to begin," said volunteer Sherry Verburgt. "I don’t even know what her name is."

Second Baptist Church volunteer Denise Brown has helped remove soaked furniture and drywall from five homes, so far. "So everyday since Wednesday I’ve been cleaning houses."

Brown's parents received kindness from strangers after their home was damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Brown said this was her opportunity to pay it forward.

Second a patriot Church will help feed those impacted by the storm, gut their homes of anything that may collect mold or mildew and help them find crews to help finish the job. The church says it already has a list of 2,000 homeowners who need help.

"Thank you. Really. Thank you," said Ravari as volunteers cleaned her house. "They are really nice. They are really nice. They’re really nice," gushed the woman as she held back tears.