SPLENDORA, Texas -- It was a close call for a family in Splendora overnight after a truck crashed into their home.

The incident happened on Hill And Dale Avenue.

No injuries were reported, but the home was significantly damaged. The impact knocked the home off of its foundation.

DPS Troopers say a 16-year-old was behind the wheel of the pickup when he hit his brakes and hydroplaned on the slick roads. The truck went through a yard and crashed into the mobile home.

“The first thing I did was get up and bang on the door to make sure my mom was all right,” said resident Matthew Little.

“He was just wanting to get to me and by then I’m panicking and wanting to get out,” said mom Susie Little, who owns the home. “I hollered for him to call 911.”

“I thought a tree had fallen on the house,” said Matthew.

There’s no word on possible charges against the teen who crashed the truck.

Photos: Teen crashes pickup into Splendora home