SUGAR LAND, Texas – Tracking a stolen car down can be like finding a needle in a haystack, unless you're Sugar Land Police.

For them, a tiny camera has become a game changer. Those cameras are so tiny you can't even see them right now.

But, they pack a punch and can scan every single license plate that passes through busy intersections.

Those cameras are looking for any stolen vehicles.

They are different from those red-light traffic cameras we're used to seeing. The license plate readers cover 70 intersections.

“And, it will actually send alerts for stolen vehicles or suspects in crimes,” SLPD Assist. Police Chief Scott Schultz said. “And then, if a crime occurs, we can actually go back through the database, put in a description of the vehicle and search the database for that vehicle and actually pull the license plate up for an investigative lead to go ahead and solve the crime.”

Sugar Land is giving the technology a try, to see if it makes a difference.

Police say it is — for one, it saves them from having to physically look for every single stolen car.

Two, they've been able to punch in the details on getaway cars, which has led to the arrest of people wanted for other crimes, like robberies and home invasions.

So far, more than 38 people have been arrested and more than 30 cars recovered.