HOUSTON - Seniors fighting to stay in their affordable housing complex are officially headed to court.

Residents of 2100 Memorial are suing the Houston Housing Authority after nearly 200 of them were ordered out after Harvey flooded the lobby and first floor.

The residents asked a judge Thursday to let them stay in their homes for now and make sure HHA makes the repairs. But they’ll have to wait nearly another week for an answer.

Thursday morning, the judge agreed to push the hearing until next Wednesday, since HHA was just served their legal papers Wednesday afternoon.

Several residents and supporters rallied outside the courthouse Thursday morning. They argue the units are safe and Harvey mainly damaged only the bottom floors. They’re also upset with the way the eviction orders have been carried out.

Finally, they say finding affordable, safe housing that’s near public transportation has been nearly impossible.

“There’s nothing wrong with any of the apartments of the people that I know. It’s perfectly safe and fine and it’s comfortable and it’s my home. It’s my home," said resident Connie Castillo.

“The Housing Authority clearly does not want to displace anyone, but clearly, health and safety is our primary goal here, so in weighing the health and safety and current conditions of the building, we have to take that into consideration and determine whether the building is safe," said defense attorney Sam Lewis.

More eviction orders are not expected until next Wednesday when both sides make their case in court and the judge will decide whether to stop the eviction orders during the lawsuit.