No one on Mayberry Street in northeast Houston wanted to know what was living in the trash pile at the end of the street.

So one homeowner called KHOU 11 News after repeated calls to 3-1-1 went unanswered and after residents say trash continued to grow for months.

"There's tires and tires with water in them which breeds mosquitoes," said Greg Turman. "There's tires, furniture, everything."

Turman alerted KHOU 11 to the problem Tuesday. His girlfriend lives across the street from the issue.

"Houston will never be a world class with things like this," Turman said.

Terry Spiller agreed.

"I don't live here but I have a business here and it just creates a problem," Spiller said. "My people walk past here, it's an eyesore, so something needs to be done."

KHOU 11 News called the city about the issue. After one call and several emails, city officials told us their solid waste division was coming out to investigate.

In an hour's time, trucks and heavy machinery were on the corner hauling the mess away.

Some residents were dissatisfied that the city didn't do a more thorough job but most were glad that they can see this street corner again.

"Within an hour crews were here," Turman said. "Y'all got it fixed. I called Channel 11 and that was it."

A city crew member, who picked up the stuff, told KHOU 11 News there are so many of these illegal dumping sites around the city.

He said it's not easy cleaning them up right away and even when they do, people come right back to dump more trash.

They do their best to respond to them when they get complaints.