HOUSTON – A lot of people love living in Houston because of our diversity, but did you know we are the most diverse city in the entire country?

It looks like the rest of the country is starting to take notice – with a front page article in the Los Angeles Times about us!

In fact, our city has been coined the example of what the rest of U.S. will look like by 2050 – pretty neat.

And you only have to stand in a plaza along Hillcroft in southwest Houston – an Indian restaurant sits next to an LGBT night club – down the road there’s a Middle Eastern bakery – and most of this area is Spanish speaking.

According to the Houston Chronicle, in Harris County – 51 percent of those under 20 are Latinos and 19 percent are African American.

But it wasn’t always this way – immigration is a huge part of this.

In fact, one in four Houston residents weren’t even born in this country.

And of course with the national immigration debate playing out right now, Houston will no doubt be under the microscope.

When we think of diversity a lot of people think of a place like New York City, but Houston passed NYC seven years ago on the diversity front.

And what makes Houston even more unique is we are mixed. So many different people from many walks of life living next door to each other, not just clumped together in different parts of the city.