SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas – A girl who gave birth at South Houston High School Wednesday may be a victim of sexual assault, according to investigators. 

A janitor found the baby's body in the school's bathroom late Wednesday, school officials say.

Surveillance video was used to find the 16-year-old mother, who was taken in for medical care.

The girl's mother said she didn't know her daughter was pregnant and the girl says she didn't know she was pregnant either. The mother said her daughter is very scared and confused.

The mother believes the baby's father is a 23-year-old man her daughter had been seeing against her parents' will since at least July. She ran away with him in August, but days later returned home, according to the mother.

The mother said they filed a police report, but nothing came of it. We checked with Houston police and they said it is an open sexual assault investigation.

An autopsy will be performed on the baby. Police won't know if the girl will face charges until the autopsy determines how the baby died. 

The Pasadena ISD school is located at Edgebrook and Silver in the city of South Houston.