HOUSTON – Disaster struck a Houston family twice in just weeks, after their west Houston home on Boheme Drive, near the Buffalo Bayou caught fire Tuesday morning.

A location firefighters had difficulty getting to, after running into piles of flood ridden obstacles.

First the water, then the fire.

Neighbor Bob Shults can’t help but feel for his neighbors, whose flooded home went up in flames early Tuesday morning.

“It’s kind of a double tragedy,” said Bob Shults. “You can’t feel anything but compassion for them.”

Fortunately, the house was empty and no one was hurt.

Like his neighbors, Shults is being forced to start over, he lost his home of 18 years after Harvey hit, and flooded his house.

“It’s pretty much a slate wiper,” he said. “It just came up very quickly.”

Some of his precious memories now piled among the debris.

“We love to travel, and we had a lot of things we collected from around the world, and most of them didn’t make it,” said Shults.

Mounds of debris surrounds this west Houston neighborhood.

The reason, firefighters say they had so much trouble reaching his neighbor’s house sooner than later, now left in pieces.

Shults says city crews haven’t made a debris pick-up yet, but he understands the delay.

“It is a problem, it’s just I think they’re doing what they can to solve it,” said Shults.

Firefighters aren’t sure what caused the fire, but arson is investigating.