The Houston Astros will be counting on a McCullers this October. At Prairie View A&M, the football team is also counting on a McCullers.

Its Lavell McCullers, the Panthers' quarterback.

"Are you a baseball fan?" asks KHOU 11 Sports Anchor Jason Bristol.

"I played baseball back in middle school," Lavell replied.

"Do you know Lance McCullers?"

"I don't know him," said Lavell. "But I've heard of him."

The McCullers at Prairie View A&M is quickly making a name for himself. He's arguably the conference's top rookie. Twice he's been named Newcomer of the Week.

Plus, would you believe Prairie View A&M doesn't just have a McCullers?

It has a Beltran. It has a Morton; along with a Harris and a Reed.

Yes, all last names of Astros players.

"Were there no Altuves or Keuchels on the recuriting trail for you to find?" Bristol jokingly asked head coach Willie Simmons.

"Well, Altuve's 5'6" so there's not many 5'6" football players here," answered Simmons, who says this Astros connection is obviously a coincidence.

"Carlos Beltran has been one of my favorite players, ironically," he said. "I'm a baseball fan. (But I) never even put it together that we had a Beltran on the team.

"Again, very coincidental but it makes for a great story, I guess."

"Leave it to me to find it, huh?" laughed Bristol, who stumbled upon all these Astros names while searching the Panthers' online roster.

Prairie View A&M (2-2) faces rival Grambling on Saturday at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

The program is now looking to win a SWAC championship and the Panthers are counting on their McCullers. Not just in October.

"My coaches and teammates have faith in me and that gives me a little less pressure," said the quarterback. "But its definitely a big responsibility."