AUSTIN, Texas - With a legendary line-up and a sold out crowd Friday night, it’s clear you “Don’t Mess With Texas.” The concert benefiting victims of Hurricane Harvey was held at the University of Texas’ Frank Erwin Center.

While the music played inside the arena will only carry so far, the effects of that concert will be felt up and down the Texas coast.

“It’s great entertainment. It’s great music. But more than anything, is that we think about our family and friends who have lost their homes. This is just a way to have fun and give back to them,” said concert-goer, Barbara Bean.

The Friday night concert, which ran from 7-11 p.m. was the first date night for other concert-goers, Tanya and John Rhoades of Kingwood since Harvey made landfall exactly four weeks ago today.

“As soon as it happened, we put money aside to donate,” said Tanya Rhoades. “So we’ve been looking for different places. How do you pass up this line up? And get to donate to help the people that mean a lot to you.”

The goal of the benefit concert called “Texas Strong: Harvey Can’t Mess with Texas” is to help raise money for the Dell Foundation’s Rebuild Texas campaign.

The foundation hopes to raise $100 million which will be distributed to every single Texas county hit by Harvey.

“We’ve got chills just being here. Knowing that there are people coming together to help Houston. That means a lot,” said Rhoades.

Actor Matthew McConaughey was seen rehearsing his lines on stage before tonight’s performance.

Musicians like Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Paul Simon and Lyle Lovett graced the stage too. But there’s nothing like Willie Nelson, to help bring out Texas pride.

“If you’re a Texan, Willie Nelson always has to be at the top,” said Bean.

So, four weeks after Texas braced for a hurricane, “You know, you just can’t hold us down for long,” we now prepare for the impact of what a night of music can do.