SEABROOK, Texas - A mother is upset after her 7-year-old daughter came home from school with her hands covered in Henna tattoos.

Before you even make it in the door of their Seabrook home, you can tell the Samour family is ready for Christmas.

Presents are under the tree, decorations are in place - but they're out of place too, on 7-year-old Leah Samour's hands.

"I saw her hands were decorated and asked her what is this and she said it's henna. I didn't know what that was," said Leah's mother Tammy Samour.

It was all a part of a Multicultural Day activity at Ed White Elementary.

The school district said it's about learning about other cultures, but Leah's mom doesn't want those cultural lessons tattooed on her daughter.

"We tried to get it off and it didn't budge," said Samour. It will wear off eventually, it's a painted-on dye, traditional in India and other cultures.

But when Samour started researching, she was concerned to find connections to the Hindu and Muslim faiths.

"It's upsetting to go through Christmas with another religion's celebratory symbolism all over my daughter's hands," she said.

Clear Creek ISD leaders have since apologized. "This is intended to celebrate diversity and not to be divisive," said Clear Creek ISD Spokesperson Elaina Polsen.

They did send an email home before Multicultural Day, saying henna would be used, but admit they didn't explain what it was.

"We certainly regret that we could have and we should have provided additional information as far as henna artwork," said Polsen.

They've even offered to Photoshop Leah's hands in the family's holiday photos, but her mom says that won't wipe away what happened.

"Exploring other cultures is a wonderful thing," said Samour. "But tattooing another culture's expressions on my daughter is not acceptable."