HOUSTON – A Houston mom and her twin toddlers were sleeping Friday morning when a car came barreling into the bedroom, causing the bed to spin.

The children's father was in the living room of the southwest Houston apartment.

"It was a loud crash and 'bout time the crash stopped, and when I looked up, there was a car in my living room," said Robert Hunt III.

Hunt ran into the bedroom to check on his wife and children.

 A Houston mom and her twin toddlers were hurt when an SUV crashed through their southwest Houston apartment. 

"I saw all the debris and I did my natural instinct to go save my kids," Hunt said.

They were covered with ceiling tiles and insulation.

Tonya Raines, and the couple's twin toddlers were taken to an area hospital to be checked out. All three are back home.

The driver of the car also had to go to the hospital.

Police are trying to figure out what caused him to blow through a stop sign, cross and busy road and plow into the apartment at on Creekbend near Braes Forest.

"It's just a blessing that nobody got hurt and my prayers go out to the family," said Nicole Jeans, a neighbor.

Hunt agreed.

"We are in a miracle right now. We're in a miracle right now."