A first of its kind music festival kicked off Friday night on the grounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival. Middlelands 2017 mixes electronic dance music with a renaissance/medieval theme.

"It is music, arts and pretty much a cultural festival where everybody forgets their worries and just has a good time," said Matt Kotch of Insomniac Events.

The three-day music festival will feature 150 artists performing on five different stages.

The producers behind the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and Chicago’s Lollapalooza have teamed up to plan the massive party.

"This is awesome, I couldn't have asked for better weather," said Jesus Rodriguez, who came to the festival from Austin. "They did an amazing job turning this into an electronic music festival."

After dancing much of the day and night away, many fans will be camping on the Texas RenFest grounds. Middlelands provides rows and rows of tent space. 

"I'm used to staying in a hotel, but this is good to do with a group of friends," said Rodriquez, who added his only complaint was with the event’s shower facilities. "The showers were really cold, it definitely woke me up this morning."

Festival organizers say they expect 75,000 people to attend the weekend festival, which they hope to turn into an annual event.

"Once people come they are going to go home and tell their friends and family," said Kotch. "Hopefully next year, we will double the number."