As Houston prepares for Harvey, some Meyerland families are still not back in their homes from flooding we saw two years ago on Memorial Day.

"As you can see we've lifted the home about six feet up in the air,” said Eddy De Los Santos, a homeowner who decided to rebuild.

We met the De Los Santos family two years ago. They rode out the Memorial Day flood in their attic.

"I still have some dreams about it,” said Jace De Los Santos, their son.

They tore down what they thought would be their forever home. Then, the lot flooded on Tax Day. Now, here they are again preparing for another storm not even moved in.

"There are several families on this street that have remodeled twice and moved back in, we're hoping they're not affected this time around," said Nicole De Los Santos, wife and mom.

Over the past two years, Meyerland took the brunt of the floods Houston's seen. There are for sale signs, remodeled homes and some new homeowners.

"Well, I mean knocking on wood, I'm a little worried,” said Tony Loayza, who just moved in.

However, these kids have learned to stay positive.

"In the end it was just things and a house and we still have all the important things and I'm excited about a new house," said Elle De Los Santos, their daughter.

A dream they're hoping mother nature won't delay.

"We just hope that it doesn't come our way, and that the residents of Meyerland don't have to go through what they’ve been through a number of times,” said De Los Santos.

The family is living in a nearby townhome and hoping to move back in next January.