HOUSTON – People not from Texas sometimes believe everyone from Texas has a horse, but that’s not the case. Nor do we typically go grocery shopping on horseback.

But a video making the rounds on Facebook may have outsiders believing otherwise.

Woody Fields uploaded the video Sunday. It shows Woody and two of his friends casually riding their horses through a Houston Walmart store.

Woody gave KHOU 11 permission to share the video, titled “Walmart on a horse grocery shopping.” (Warning: the Facebook video has language some may find offensive.)

The video shows other customers stepping back in disbelief. It was mostly a calm scene, although Woody notes a few of the patrons looked scared.

In an interview posted to his Facebook page, Woody says he was a little scared because of the wax floor. He knew this was a new experience for his horse, and he didn’t want her to fall or leave a mess.

In the end, he says he just wanted to make people smile.

The three men make their way around a good portion of the store and after a couple minutes went back out the front, but not before one of them apparently got an earful from security.