Joel Osteen is currently under fire for comments he made on Donald Trump during a book tour six months ago.

Some people on Twitter have gone as far as call it an endorsement by the Lakewood Church pastor, but church officials say it's simply not true.

"It's just like fire when it comes on Twitter or Facebook," said Michael Garfield, known as the High-Tech Texan. "You're going to mix words, you're going to say, ‘Look at this … he's a big follower, supporter of this particular candidate' but now it just goes viral."

So how did it happen?

Garfield says it stems from an interview Osteen gave in October 2015 when he called Trump a "good man."

"But now every is starting to hop on the endorsement bandwagon," Garfield said. "Somebody did some research, pulled it up where they said Joel Osteen likes Donald Trump."

Lakewood Church released a statement saying, "Contrary to the misinformation making the rounds on social media, Pastor Joel Osteen has not endorsed any candidate for President of the United States."

Even so, Garfield says it could still sway voters, even though it's just Twitter talk that's not true.

"It's going to come back to bite a certain voter group it seems like," he said.