HOUSTON - Mayor Turner has provided an update on where the city stands with storm debris collection.

According to the City of Houston, Governor Abbott has arranged for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to allow Houston's landfills to operate 24 hours a day to accept flood debris.

The change will allow debris collection trucks to deposit debris at temporary sites during the day and then transfer it to landfills at night. That means the trucks will be able to spend more daytime hours collecting debris in neighborhoods.

Reminder: Stop putting your green bins out, Houston has suspending curbside recycling

To assist with debris collection efforts, the city asks that citizens report storm debris collection needs to 311. The city says it does not use 311 call volume to prioritize storm debris removal. Residents should only make one report per address; multiple reports to 311 will not be accepted. How to report to 311:

The City of Houston also provided answers to some FAQs:

When will the debris at my home be collected?

Collections are taking places throughout the city, which is working to provide as much information as possible about scheduling for each area. Information about the schedule for each address or block is not available throughout the city at this point. The city recognizes the need to collect all debris as soon as possible following the record-high amount of rainfall produced by Hurricane Harvey.

Why wasn’t ALL my debris collected when trucks came through my area?

Some residents may have more debris than can be collected in one truckload. Additional collection trips may be necessary. Once the first pass is made, any remaining or additional debris must be moved to the curb to be collected by the city in subsequent trips. Check Solid Waste Management’s website www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste for debris collection updates.

Why can’t the city pick up debris in my yard or driveway?

City collection vehicles can only reach debris if it is within 10-15 feet from the curb.
Seehttp://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/CurbsideDebrisPDF.pdf for more instructions.

Where can I get more help?
Crisis Cleanup https://crisiscleanup.org/ or call 844-965-1386.