HOUSTON - Witnesses said the man who was fatally shot by a police officer Saturday had ripped down a road sign and ran after officers before he was killed. 

Houston Police held a press conference Saturday evening and said the officer involved tried to stop and help the man when he lunged at the officer.

The officer tried to taze the man twice but it had no affect on him. Police said the man charged at the officer again and that's when the officer opened fire and killed him. 

"He could tell the male was very agitated, could see bulging veins in his neck. He was yelling vulgarities and appeared to be on some strong narcotic, possibly PCP." said John Cannon with the Houston Police Department. 

The shooting happened at Collingsworth and Eastex. The officer was not injured in the shooting. 

"The officer was back-pedaling, he came off the curb and that's when he almost lost control and that's when he came around the car and did the fatal shots." said Chris Vasquez, one of the witnesses. 

Family and friends identified the deceased man as Peter Gaines. They said he was celebrating his 37th birthday this weekend and admitted he may have been on drugs. 

"He was not violent. He was a sweet guy. He was not a violent person at all, and that's what is bringing tears to my eyes." said Timeko Barber, a friend of Gaines.

Witnesses said the police officer had his head down and was visibly upset right after the shooting. Police said the officer has been with the department for four years.

Chris Vasquez said he consoled the officer after the shooting. "He broke down and started crying. He just had his hands on his head and he just started crying and that's when I told him 'Hey everything's going to be alright, everything's going to be alright.'"