HOUSTON - The Houston SPCA Wildlife Center of Texas has taken in a ringtail, the first ever of the species to come under their care in the organization's decade-long history.

The ringtail (sometimes called ring-tail cat), is just seven weeks old and was orphaned in Bandera before hitching a ride to Houston on the underside of an RV.

"It's very unusual for us to have a little guy like this," said Sharon Schmalz, director of the Wildlife Center of Texas. "Fortunately, the people got him to us right away."

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The animals, not often seen in the Houston area, are nocturnal and lead generally solitary lives. The noise they make is quite unique, very similar to the sound of a typewriter.

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The center is hoping to fully rehabilitate the ringtail and release it back into its natural habitat.

A rare treat for those of us in the Houston area... a Young Ringtail! This cutie, also know as a Ringtail Cat, is a member of the raccoon family and can typically be found in west Texas and the Hill country. #cutest #ringtail #ever #wildlife #hitchhiker #littlechirps #wildlifecenteroftexas #houston #texas

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