At Houston ISD’s Hines-Caldwell Elementary, teachers are getting ready for kids to fill their classrooms.

“I’m getting my classroom together, making sure everything is set up, so that the first day can just flow,” says kindergarten teacher Nikita Evans.

“Summer has been kind of boring without my kiddies, so I’m excited,” says first grade teacher Yewande Awolola.

Besides decorating their rooms, a lot of teachers also plan to decorate themselves for that all-important first day.

“Even when you’re in the classroom, you want to be cute,” laughs Awolola.

These teachers admit, they do some back-to-school shopping of their own.

“I have picked out a few things,” says Nikisha Strawder, another kindergarten teacher at Hines-Caldwell.

For Katy pre-K teacher Yarrow Sledge, a good impression meant a big change from this summer.

“Most of us get our hair colored or highlighted,” she says. “You want to look your best for Meet the Teacher to make a good impression.”

The transformation was a bit more extreme than Sledge expected after trying out some wash-out color with her niece. It didn’t wash out.

“I was like, ‘I can’t have green hair. I can’t go to Meet the Teacher with green hair,’ so we did this,” she says, showing off her brunette bob.

It’s a fresh cut for a fresh start of a new year. “Having fun over the summer is great, but it’s great to get back into the routine: get new clothes, get a new look and start the new year off with a bang,” says Sledge.

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