HOUSTON - A local feed store has been burglarized several times by thieves stealing rabbits, pigeons and chickens.

The Wabash Feed Store recently moved to a location on north Shepherd. Ever since the move, the store says they've been broken into at least three times since the start of the year.

The store's stock of cute and cuddly critters has always brought customers in but it has also attracted thieves. At least 30 rabbits have been stolen.

Burglars have been getting in by cutting through a fence and cages. Employees think the crooks may be re-selling the animals at flea markets and that worries longtime customers and pet lovers.

"Well for me personally, it's frustrating... Feels like being victimized, but it is also, how are they animals going to end up-- are they going to end up in a good home? Probably not.," said John Berry, store employee.

Wabash first added barbed wire and then razor wire for protection. Now, the store will need even more security to protect the inventory. Managers say they'll be adding surveillance systems and will be building a more secure place to store the animals.