HOUSTON – Millions of people worldwide tuned in Thursday as James Comey, the former director of the FBI, testifies to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Houstonians packed a Midtown beer garden to mix pints with politics at a Comey watch party dubbed "The Super Bowl of Washington."

Axelrad, which hosted similar parties for debates during the 2016 presidential campaign, opened its taps early for Thursday’s hearing.

A couple of hundred people -- and pets -- turned out.

"This is a huge deal. This is a Watergate-level event," Colin Parker.

"My background is also in political science, so back in the day of Thomas Jefferson, people would fight a lot as well, like they'd actually hit each other on the Congress floor but since then this is pretty much the closest we get to seeing anything as entertaining as that," said Alejandro Esquino.

The bar’s Facebook invite called Washington Politics “sports for people who weren’t good at sports.”

Axelrad’s drink menu already featured several politically-themed drinks, including the “impeachment” and a cocktail called “bad hombre”. They added the "covfefe cocktail" for the hearing.