We’re just a day away from Thanksgiving local airports have been packed with folks hoping to fly out just in time to see their families.

But despite the large holiday crowd, the majority of travelers passing through Bush Intercontinental Airport said it’s been a smooth process.

“It looks fine here, it looks very calm, it looks like Houston has it under control, everybody’s moving, looks like they’re getting ready to eat some turkey,” said David Rochlen, who’s flying to Honolulu for Thanksgiving.

Airport officials say they’re all hands on deck this Thanksgiving weekend.

“We’ve got 1,200-1,300 employees, they are here, they know the drill, we’ve done this before. We’re prepared and the good news is you’re living in the city of Houston that’s got not one but two international airports within its city limits, so while there may be some people that may not be used to traveling, Houston travelers are savvy,” said Bill Begley, spokesperson for Houston Airports System.

“We had packed everything last night, we had a routine, we’ve done the traveling thing before, so we knew it was go time at 4 o’clock this morning,” said Kymone Hinds. His kids were willing to get up early for two reasons - "food and family".

Then, we met some lovebirds.

“I’m a flight attendant so I get to take him with me as a plus one,” said Sally Dellamura, who’s flying out to Salt Lake City to see her family with her boyfriend of two years.

“You’re going to meet my family for the first time, yeah, so we’re pretty excited about that,” she said.

Officials at IAH are expecting more than 100,000 people to fly out from Houston on Wednesday alone.