GALVESTON, Texas – A 4-year-old girl found wandering on Galveston Island overnight is back with her family on Friday.

According to the Galveston Police Department, the family was staying with friends after being displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Investigators said parents were asleep, the house door was left unlocked, and the child got out.

She was taken to the hospital early Friday after she was found wandering around.

The discovery was made as wintry weather descended upon southeast Texas.

A man driving to work says he found the girl walking around without a coat. The 4-year-old claimed her mom left her on 39th Street.

The man took her in his pickup to the Pleasure Pier hoping to find security or police, but instead he came across a KHOU 11 News crew doing weather reports.

Police and EMS responded to the scene. The little girl appeared to be okay but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Child Protective Services will follow up with the family.