HOUSTON- A lightning storm across the Houston area Sunday night pushed people to pull out their cell phones in hopes in capturing a lightning strike. But the youngest person to likely press record was 10-year-old Jocelyn Sanchez.

“I knew it was a lightning storm because it was lightning like every second,” said the soon-to-be sixth grader who lives in the Greenspoint area. “And then me and my friend, we were like let’s just go storm watching. That’s what we call it.”

From a window in her second-story bedroom, Jocelyn uses a pair of selfie sticks and a small tripod to safely position her cell phone out towards the Sam Houston Tollway and Imperial Valley.

Sunday night, as she prepared to reach the 30-minute mark of her record light show, Jocelyn wished, out loud, that lightning would strike. It did. “I thought it was really cool at first. Like I freaked out at first and then I thought, God granted my wish.”

The little girl said she saw “smoke came out of it. And then nothing caught on fire. I didn’t see any firefighters or nothing.”

But a 15-minute drive from Jocelyn’s to the Cashal Springs apartments, Ivette Santiago used Facebook Live to capture what happened when a bolt of lightning hit a building at her complex. The American Red Cross is now helping around 25 people after their apartment units were damaged in a fire. No one was hurt. The building is severely damaged.

With more storms in the forecast this week, it’s possible more cell phone videos capturing lightning storms could pop up on social media. A reminder, you should never record video outside or near a window.

That’s why Jocelyn safely sets up her cameras, and then sits back and waits.

“It’s really cool so watch because like the bright colors and how it like hits. It’s like really awesome.”