HOUSTON -- A man jailed for drunk driving has filed a lawsuit against an HPD officer after police video captured the officer pushing him into a door frame at the city jail, causing a gash on his head.

In the lawsuit filed Monday, Reuben Williams says Officer S. Corral used excessive force as he escorted Williams to a holding cell in Nov. 2014.

"While he's escorting him to jail, crystal clear on the video, this officer takes Reuben's head and bashes it into a steel door jam," said Randall Kallinen, the plaintiff's attorney.

The lawsuit also names the City of Houston.

Williams' father and reps for the family held a press conference about the incident on Monday morning.

At the moment, Williams did not appear to be resisting, but the officer claims the inmate spit on him.

"He has no evidence of this saliva," said Kallinen. "All you have to do is take a swab, but he didn't do that. Why? Because it never happened."

Williams' suit seeks punitive damages, saying the incident caused him mental anguish.

Williams' father says something needs to change.

"This type of thing is probably still happening and it's not coming to light," said Reuben Williams Sr. "People need to be held accountable."

Williams was jailed after he was arrested on charges of DWI and harassing a police officer. Jail video shows he earlier was combative with officers.

A Harris County grand jury reviewed Williams' treatment at the jail and declined to issue an indictment against Officer Corral.

Reuben Williams, Sr. (far left) is joined by reps for the Reuben Williams, Jr. at a Nov. 14 press conference

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)