MATAGORDA COUNTY, Texas – A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for all of Matagorda County, home to about 37,000 people.

The sheriff's office there was rushing to get everyone out of dodge by 10 a.m. Friday. That's when the county plans to roll the last buses out of town.

Late Friday morning, the last of the buses headed out, leaving from Palacious High School.

The buses aren't going to bring residents back, until after officials decide it's safe to return.

If you don't leave? The sheriff is very clear – you will be on your own until Hurricane Harvey is over.

“If you’re in a mandatory evacuation area and you don’t evacuate, don’t call us,” said Matagorda County Sheriff “Skippy” Osborne. “Because I’m telling you right now, I’m not going to put one of my deputy’s life on the line to save somebody that didn’t leave when they were asked to leave.”

They were some who decided to stay, and take whatever Harvey throws at the coastal county.

"I've got all my stuff, everything I've ever worked for, my entire life is here," Michael Kubecka said. "I'm not leaving. that's about all there is to that."