On Monday, Kingwood High School students will finally head back to class.

KHS administrators and staff walked students and parents through Summer Creek High School on Saturday. It will house KHS students this school year. Humble ISD will bus Kingwood HS students about 45 minutes south, where they will take classes on campus for half of the day, while Summer Creek HS students are taught the other half.

Kingwood High was under several feet of water a couple of weeks ago. The damage done to the campus is extensive. But one thing made it safely off the property, a lesson in life.

“It’s pretty devastating,” said Kingwood HS sophomore Masyn Winn of the damage.

Winn and his family were safe inside their home as rain bands from Harvey pushed into their community. Many of Winn’s friends saw water in their homes, and high school students saw the devastation done to their beloved high school and sports fields.

“I mean, baseball is kind of how I go about things. I mean, even through school I just think, okay I’m going to get good grades so I can play baseball. But, I mean, we don’t even have a field right now,” said Winn who plays for his varsity baseball team. “We lost a lot.”

“Yeah, “losing a lot of equipment” is an understatement,” said head baseball coach Kelly Mead.

“It’s amazing what water does,” said Mead. The baseball field sat under seven to eight feet of water more than a week ago.

“To the mowers, to the in field drags, to the gator, to the pitching machine to all the baseballs, to our cages and all weights we had in the cages. You start putting a dollar amount on all that stuff and it just adds up.”

So on Twitter, which most teens use, Masyn Winn did what most teens don’t. He shared pictures of the damage to his baseball field along with a plea for donations.

“We’re just looking for some help,” said Winn. “We’re just trying to get back to where we were.”

“It kind of gets you choked up a little bit, because all the things you think as coaches, that you talk to about the kids all the time, from how to handle adversity to being a man of character, and all these things are going to pay off later in life.” Said Winn. “Sometimes you don’t know if you’re getting through to them. But we’ve really learned in the past two and half weeks that our kids are listening. And it’s pretty awesome.”

Baseball groups across the country are sharing Winn’s call for donations. Several groups are now working to answer the call for help.

Come Monday, debris will still line many Kingwood neighborhood streets. A number of homes are still waiting on repairs. And Kingwood High school will still be empty. Students will be on their way to Summer Creek High. And this season, while the Kingwood High School Mustangs don’t have home field advantage, they will have something far greater.

“Unity and family,” said Coach Mead. “You know, we break everyday with Kingwood on 3 and Family on 6. And this has brought us so much closer.”