HOUSTON - It's official. Kim Ogg is Harris County’s District Attorney after being sworn in to office Monday.

The inauguration ceremony took place at the South Texas College of Law. Ogg’s father swore in his 57-year-old daughter.

Ogg opened up about campaign promises and laid the foundation for the incoming administration.

“The focus of our administration is the future,” said Ogg. “Today’s the day we come charging out of the gate with the reforms we promised. That’s what we intend to deliver and that’s where I want to focus and our resources to be directed.”

The new DA kept her campaign promise to keep misdemeanor marijuana offenders out of jail. Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen told KHOU 11 News they will focus their attention towards violent offenders.

“I want our jails full of violent offenders and I think our community feels the same way,” said Rosen.

Spending taxpayer money wisely is another part of the incoming administration's goals.

Throughout her campaign, Ogg said the annual cost of arresting, jailing and prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana offenders is $10 million a year.

Ogg has been busy since winning the November election over Devon Anderson.

Nine days before Christmas, she fired 37 prosecutors. Soon after, she claimed three of those fired attorneys had been actively sabotaging current cases in political payback. The prosecutors denied the accusations.