The Texas Associated Press Broadcasters 2016 contest award winners were announced Thursday with KHOU 11 News receiving a total of 21 awards in addition to being a finalist for best newscast, which will be announced at a banquet at a later date.

"I am so proud of the KHOU 11 News team who goes out each day into the community to find the best stories and investigations to share with our audience," said KHOU executive news director Sally Ramirez. "It is truly an honor to be recognized for this work by the Texas AP Broadcasters Association."

Forty-seven stations from across Texas submitted 788 entries in the contest, including newscasts, sportscasts, weathercasts, spot news and video from 2016.

Television stations are separated into four divisions, with Houston in Division I.

KHOU 11 News winners:

Feature (Light)

First place: Kyle Porter and Daniel Gotera, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Like a King"

Investigative Report

First place: Jeremy Rogalski, Keith Tomshe and Derek Razor, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Sitting on Evidence"

Honorable mention: Keli Rabon, Kyle Porter and Gregg Ramirez, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Disabling Dollars"


First place: KHOU-TV, Houston

Sports Story

Second place: Daniel Gotera and Mike Orta, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Gavin's Ride"

Honorable mention: Daniel Gotera and Bob Luna, KHOU-TV, Houston, "The Knockout Factory"

Documentary/TV Magazine or Special

The Iris Team, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Transparency"

Specialty or Beat Reporting

First place: Scott Noll, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Question Everything"

Second place: Tiffany Craig, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Standing for Houston"

Honorable mention: Grace White and Kyle Porter, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Lone Star Mysteries"


First place: Marcelino Benito, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Marcelino Benito Reporting"

Continuing Coverage

First place: Scott Noll and Jennifer Cobb, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Looking for Lead"


First place:, KHOU-TV, Houston

Feature Editing

Second place: Amanda Dennis, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Mowchines"

Honorable mention: Kyle Porter, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Porterized"

Online/Special Content

First place: The Iris Team, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Transparency"

Second place:, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Josue Flores"

Honorable mention:, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Tax Day Flood"

Spot Coverage-Station

First place: KHOU-TV, Houston, "Tax Day Flood"

Feature (Serious)

Second place: Marcelino Benito, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Patient Nurse"

Honorable mention: Jeremy Rogalski and Derek Rasor, KHOU-TV, Houston, "Killing Fields Confession"

Newscast (Finalist)

KHOU-TV, Houston; KHOU-TV, Houston