KATY, Texas – Just when you think you've heard it all about the presidential election, we've got more for you.

We found a fresh perspective from a bunch of kids from Katy ISD. They are voting for president in a mock election.

But everything about their opinions is very real like what will happen if one fourth-grader's pick isn't elected.

“I'm going to get really mad,” Claire said with the class laughing. “I'm moving to California!”

From her funny comment to the candidates war of the words.

“I think both of them act pretty nice, except Donald Trump except, well, Donald Trump doesn't let Hillary talk a lot,” Lillian said.

“I mean, it's a little immature the way they act against each other,” David added.

Let's stick with little David. Here’s his take on the historical moment linked to this race.

“I want a girl president for once,” he said. “And I'm pretty sure the reason for her like being one of the first candidates, is because like back in the 1900's the girls got their independence. If you remember that.

“With Donald Trump, it's actually pretty interesting that he's just a businessman and now he's like, why don't I go for president,” David added.

Hey parents, if you think your child isn't listening or watching your reaction, and if you're thinking of not voting, Claire has a message for you.

“I think all of our opinions count, and all of our opinions matter,” she said.