The July fry is on! Get ready for hot temperatures and sunny skies as we all get ready to celebrate America's 241st birthday.

While temperatures are expected to hit the mid 90s, in reality it's not too far from our average daytime high for this time of year which is 93 degrees.

It'll be important to practice heat safety through the holiday weekend. That'll include: look before you lock! Check the backseat for animals and kids. Wear light colored clothing, drink lots of water and seek shade as often as possible. Remember that alcohol is not a beverage that will keep you hydrated.

Philadelphia, 1776

Many of our founding fathers, including Washington and Jefferson, were weather enthusiasts and kept detailed records of temperature and sky conditions in their diaries.

Let's go back to Philadelphia in July 1776. Conditions inside a packed Independence Hall would have been miserable by today's standards. A room packed full of men, with no A/C, all of which wearing layers of clothing, wigs and stockings: yikes. You can imagine the aroma.

Original manuscript from The Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Nonetheless, Thomas Jefferson recorded in his diary, seen above, that the temperature that afternoon was 76 degrees -- warm and humid. Not too shabby; especially for July standards --- even in Philadelphia.

And now you know!