Near the area of Cut and Shoot, it’s anything but cut and dried how much an adorable little girl idolizes Texans star J.J. Watt.

"Because he's my boyfriend," said Fallon Russell, who's just 5-years-old.

Does anyone else know about this?

Fallon told KHOU 11's Jason Bristol that J.J. indeed knows.

Needless to say, when word got out that her boyfriend J.J. Watt had a new girlfriend -- Kealia Ohai, a pro soccer player for the Houston Dash, reportedly -- no one was more devastated than Fallon.

No one.

"Nothing but tears," said Fallon's mother Misty. "She is balling uncontrollably and she's like, ‘He's not boyfriend anymore?’ I'm like, ‘No, somebody else has him now.’"

KHOU discovered Fallon's infatuation with Watt when Misty simply commented on our KHOU Facebook page; Misty had jokingly mentioned how upset her 5-year-old daughter was over the news.

Fallon Russell, 5, squeezes one of her two J.J. Watt dolls while sleeping at home in Cut and Shoot, Texas. (Submitted/Misty Russell)

Thankfully, a game of hide-and-seek in the backyard does wonders for a little girl's broken heart.

Fallon still wears her J.J. jerseys. She still carries her J.J. dolls everywhere. She's even come up with a plan to get her man back.

She told Bristol she's going to steal Watt from Ohai while Ohai's asleep.

"She has her standards so high with J.J., she'll never find the right man," Misty says, while shaking her head.

"When I grow up, I'll marry him," Fallon added.

Fallon Russell, 5, has her hair fixed by her mother Misty outside a home in Cleveland, Texas. (KHOU/Mike Orta)

While mom may be worried, Fallon actually possesses something every little girl should have: confidence.

"What happens if they're really serious; and they really, really, really like each other?" asks Bristol.

"I'll take him," answered Fallon.