HOUSTON – There are risks to going anywhere and Vegas reminds us of that. The mass shooting has now sparked conversations around security for big events and concert venues, including ours.

“We’re seeing a new reality, where no place seems safe anymore” said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez as he expressed his feelings on the Vegas shooting.

“It’s something we need to be realistic about” he said. This sentiment is one he shares with Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

As we get closer to the music concerts both indoor at the Toyota Center and outdoor in Austin, both law enforcement entities are looking at their safety plan.

“The Toyota Center is obviously an indoor venue where we have plenty of officers where we screen people for explosives and things like that” said Acevedo.

The Weekend is scheduled to play on Tuesday, and Marc Anthony will take the stage on Thursday. For those of you going to that one, law enforcement asks you to help be their eyes and ears.

Now if you’re going to the Austin City Limits outdoors, they already put out this statement saying in part that they’ll be working with the police, fire and EMS for a tight security plan.

Here’s Austin City Limit’s statement on Facebook:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues and everyone in Las Vegas who was affected by this terrible tragedy.

“Safety has always been our top priority. Our staff and security team works year-round with the Austin Police Department, Austin Fire Department, Austin-Travis County EMS, and other authorities to plan and rehearse security and response plans. Over the years, tighter security measures have been implemented at ACL including a layered security plan that includes elements that are seen and unseen, as well as pat downs, bag searches and size limits, and an enhanced security and law enforcement presence inside and outside the festival.


“We look forward to Austin City Limits Music Festival over the next two weekends.”