HOUSTON - After years of speculation, hoping, wishing and guessing evidence surfaced a few months ago that Houston may be getting its first In-N-Out burger location.

The chain purchased land at 8373 Westheimer in May. However, it may be another few years before the restaurant is actually in place.

Rumor is In-N-Out is coming to Houston, tax records reveal location

According to an email received Friday from the In-N-Out Development office, while the chain owns the Westheimer property, 'it has an existing tenant lease in place for several more years'. The company says it is not actively processing any plans with the city to build a restaurant there.

But, there is hope!

The company added that they are working on other potential Houston sites. There is no timeline for a store opening yet, though.

While Dallas and Austin already have dozens of In-N-Out locations, Houston so far has been left out.

The restaurant is known for its simple burger menu, and its customers often using the term "animal style."