STAFFORD, Texas - It’s been a busy day for Lauren Cole as she scrambles to pull off a major feat: planning a Veteran’s Day parade with only a day’s notice.

“We’ve been calling all the local schools and organizations, Boy Scout troops, etc.” said Cole, director of operations for the Redneck Country Club. “I don't know what it takes to put on a parade! We've never done a parade.”

The scramble began after her boss, conservative radio talk show host, Michael Berry, went on a rampage Friday morning on air, because the City of Houston isn’t having a Veterans Day Parade this year. Berry then promised his listeners if Houston won’t have a parade, Stafford will at the Redneck Country Club, which he founded.

“Then reality set in, and I was like, How are we going to do this?” Cole said.

All day Friday, a team of three blasted social media and made calls asking everyone and anyone for help with the parade. Color guards, fire stations and vendors all got on board.

“We've gotten thousands of text messages in the last four hours!” she said.

There will be free food until it runs, out including 2,000 James Coney Island hotdogs.

This effort means the world to Roger Hebert, a retired Marine who served for 15 years.

“I'm just glad somebody is doing something,” Hebert said. “The guys that signed the dotted line, that comes with a price. And some gave the price.”

“They put their lives on the line, they put their families aside, and they put our nation and our country first,” Cole said. “This is one really special thing that we can do to show them, like, you're still very much appreciated.”

They still need a marching band and are asking veterans and whoever else wants to take part in the parade to show up to the Red Neck Country club at 5 p.m. Saturday. The parade will start around 6 p.m. and will loop around West Airport Blvd.